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005 Silver Spirit and Bentley Mulsanne 1987-1989 Model Years
20,000-Series Supplement

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Workshop Manual - TSD4701 - Electrical

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  TSD4701 - 1987 & 1988 Model Years - Electrical

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  Contents & Record Sheets 
2   General Information Includes Light Bulbs & Fuses
  Power Distribution  
  Passive Restraint Seat Belts
  Starting System
  Charging System
  Braking Systems - Standard & ABS  
ABS Brakes Supplements - Workbook & Information
10 Headlamps
11 Foglamps
12 Direction Indicators & Hazard Lamps
13 Stop Reverse Side & Tail Lamps
14 Headlamp Washers 
15 Windscreen Wipers & Washers 29MB  
15a Better: High Quality two parts x 13MB, Good Quality two parts x 2.4MB) 
16 Door Mirrors & Rear Screen Demister  
17 Central Locking  
18 Window Lifts
       18/20 Window Lifts 1989 Model Year
19 Cigar Lighter & Fuel Door 
20 Instruments & Warning Lamps 
21 Panel Illumination 
22 Horns 
23 Electric Gearchange 
24 Cruise (Speed) Control System 
24a Cruise Control Supplement 
25 Entertainment
26 Cellular Telephone
27 Seat Control - Standard & Memory 
28 Interior Lamps & Seat Belt Warning 

29 Power Hood - Corniche & Continental
30 Auxiliary Cooling Fans
31 Torque Figures & Workshop Tools
32 Theoretical Wiring Diagrammes

O-Ring and Seal Materials Compatibility
Quick Reference Guide:
Brake Parts, Exhausts, Filters, Hydraulics, Seals, Drive Belts and More !  
Twin Distributor - Scheduled Drive Belt Replacement 
Climate Control - Upgrade of Sanden Compressors 


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