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05 SZ Cars:
Silver Spirit, Silver Spur,
Bentley Mulsanne, Turbos and Derivatives
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            Chassis Specifications
                   05-01-03 SZ TSD5069 1990 Model Year - 30,000-Series - Major Changes  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 
                   05-01-04 SZ TSD4440 1992 Model Year Sales Directory - Specifications & Features

           Service Instructions
                   05-02 SZ Workshop Manual 1980-1986 TSD 4400
                   05-05 SZ 20000-Series Cars 1987-1989 TSD4700, TSD4737    TSD4701 (Electrical)
                   05-06 SZ 30000-Series Cars 1990-2000 TSD5000, TSD6000 Series Publications

  SZ Transmissins

        SZ Cars to Chassis 16930 Sections T1 to T12            SZ Cars to Chassis 16930 Sections T13 to T23
        SZ Cars From Chassis 20000 Sections T1 to T17       SZ Cars from Chassis 20000 Sections T18 to T24

Spare Parts
        05-01  TSD6167 SZ Spare Parts Schedules, all cars to chassis 27780
        Quick Reference Guide: Brake Parts, Exhausts, Filters, Hydraulics, Seals, Drive Belts and More !!!

Miscellaneous Technical
        O-Ring and Seal Materials Compatibility 
Replacement Diodes for All Controls - Aircon - 1N400x and EM51x-series - Any is Suitable  

        Turbocharging System - Basics of Operation 

        Window Lifts - Modification to provide Speedy Windows - SZ Cars to Chassis 27998 
        Accumulator Assemblies Difficulties with Low Pressure Return Hoses 

        Transient Bost Kit Fitting Instructions and Testing 


Miscellaneous General

Owners' Handbooks

Service Bulletins

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