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08 Automatic Transmissions - Service and Repair Manuals

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  08 Part A Hydramatic with Fluid Flywheel - TSD2042
                        Silver Dawn, Bentley R-Type, Phantom IV, V, VI, Silver Cloud,
                        Silver Cloud II and III, S-Series Bentleys and Derivatives

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Chapter 1 Description 
1,1 General Description 
1.2 Mechanical Arrangement 
1.3 Gear Ratios  
1.4 Automatic Control
1.5 Fluid Coupling 
1.6 Front Epicyclic Unit
1.7 Rear Epicyclic Unit 
1.8 Reverse Epicyclic Unit




1.9 Bearings and Thrust Washers  
1,10 Band Servo Units  
1,11 Front Oil Pump 
1.12 Rear Oil Pump and Governor

1.13 Control Linkage  
1.14 Oil Circulation
1.15 Control Pressures 
1.16 Valve Operations
1.17 Selector Positions 

  Chapter 2 Servicing 
2,1 ervicing
2.2 Testing
2.3 Fault Diagnosis  
  2.4 Linkages
2.5 Air Pressure Check and Investigation
  Chapter 3 Overhaul 
3 Overhaul Index
3,1 Gearbox Removal and Fitting
3.2 Fluid Coupling
3.3 Side Cover Sump and Filter
3.4 Control Valve Unit 
3.5 Parking Bracket
3.6 Front and Rear Servo Units 
3.7 Rear Pump and Governor

3.8 Pressure Control Valve  
3.9 Front Pump and Drive Shaft
3.10 Ride Control Unit 
3.11 Speedometer Drive
3.12 Brake Servo Drive  
3.13 Reverse Assembly
3.14 Drum Assembly 
3.15 Gearbox Casing

  Chapter 4 Tools
4 Tools



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