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04-2 Silver Shadow, Bentley T-Series and Derivatives
Workshop Manual

Silver Shadow II - Bentley T2
Vehicles from Chassis 30,000 Onwards
Chapter H Subframes and Suspension

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                                 Chapter H Part I - Subframes & Suspension - RR363 Cars - Index
                                 Section H1   Subframes & Suspension
                                 Section H2   Front Shock Dampers, Springs & Ball Joints
                                 Section H3   Compliance Assy Triangle Levers, Stabiliser
                                 Section H4   Front Hubs
                                 Section H5   Front Suspension Settings
                                 Section H6   Bump & Rebound Stops
                                 Section H7   Rear Crossmember
                                 Section H8   Rear Suspension Settings
                                 Section H9   Rear Shock Dampers
                                 Section H10 Rear Road Springs
                                 Section H11 General Dimensions
                                 Section H12 Workshop Tools

Chapter H Part II - Subframes & Suspension - Mineral Oil Cars - Index
                                 Section H1m Rear Subframe & Suspension
                                 Section H2m Rear Subframe Mounts & Stabilisers
                                 Section H3m Rear Road Springs
                                 Section H4m Rear Suspension Settings
                                 Section H5m General Dimensions
                                 Section H6m Workshop Tools


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